About Fallen Hero

How did Fallen Hero begin?

In 1983 we opened our store on one of the main shopping High Streets in Lincolnshire, selling what were some of the most desirable brands of that time. We experienced a tremendous success from the moment the shop was opened and in 1987 we found ourselves outgrowing our original store and having to look for larger premises. In the autumn of that year we opened our new concept store and the official opening was performed by none other than the late Alex "Hurricane" Higgins, former World Snooker Champion, who sadly passed away in July 2010.

Where did the name Fallen Hero come from?

This is a question that many people have asked us and we thought you might like to know the answer. On February 25th 1989 Des Comerford, the founder of Fallen Hero travelled to Las Vegas to watch the first World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Title Fight between Frank Bruno & Mike Tyson. After the fight, as he was leaving his seat, he happened to look behind him and saw who he describes as the greatest ever sports personality to grace our planet, none other than Muhammed Ali, who sadly passed away June 2016. Des was lucky enough to shake his hand and have a conversation with him. That momentous occasion stayed in his memory, and at that time when looking for a name for a new clothing brand, he thought back to that evening in 1989 and it came to him, Fallen Hero was the perfect name. Why? Quite simply because Muhammed Ali, is Des' very own Fallen Hero.

It is so sad to see how many of our heroes have fallen in recent years, but we will all remember them in the Fallen Hero hall of fame.